Cramps for a Cause

It’s Tuesday, and the first day of a fundraising event I entered through the American Cancer Society.

Recently, I’ve been trying to force myself to do more things in life that I would be proud to do. I’ve even gone as far as to make a bucket list. On that list is taking part in at least one event designed to help others. Today’s the day! I’m so happy to actually be crossing off something on my bucket list, but first I’ve got a whole month to get through. I will be doing 50 squats a day for the entirety of June. My legs are going to be like painful jello, and my ass is either going to be “poppin'” or non-existent (I’m obviously hoping for the poppin’ one.)

I wanted to take today’s post to encourage any followers I may have to make genuine bucket lists, and start checking those bad boys off. And I strongly suggest adding community work, etc. on the list because it is something that is truly underrated. As much as I am very much an “I hate people” person, I genuinely love helping others whenever I get the chance. And you don’t have to necessarily give money or anything to help. Taking the time to listen to someone, actually listen, transport them when they can’t get anywhere, or even just randomly tell them how awesome they are, is helpful. I believe anyone can benefit from someone else just taking even a minute to notice their existence, and make it known that they are loved by the world. It’s cheesy, but it’s true.

Here’s a few ideas of how you could help someone or something else in the world:

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter; rescue an animal
  • Take food, clothes, etc. to a homeless shelter
  • Participate in a race for a good cause (i.e.: St. Jude Walk/Run)
  • Clean up your local park
  • Volunteer at a retirement home

Those are just a few options, but realistically there are simply SO MANY ways you can help those around you. So make a list, and check it off, because one of the best things you can do is to help others. Whether you want to do your work anonymously or publicly, just do it, man!

To give a little insight into the particular cause I am currently supporting… the American Cancer Society was established in 1913. They operate in more than 250 regional offices. A quick look at their website shows that 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. One in THREE! Personally, I know of at least two people in my family who have been diagnosed with cancer. One of which died from lung cancer several years ago. I love this organization because any donation you make goes to funding research, education, advocacy, and family and patient services.

If you would like to make a donation to my small fundraiser, feel free to follow the link: (1) Facebook

If you would like to learn more about the American Cancer Society, follow this link: American Cancer Society | Information and Resources about for Cancer: Breast, Colon, Lung, Prostate, Skin

Here’s to those that have had to struggle with this terrible disease, and to those who have lost loved ones. Let’s get together and help others from this fiery planet. A good day to you all. And a sad day for my legs and butt.

Photo by Direct Media on StockSnap

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