For those here for the first time, or those that have been here from day one…

First and foremost, I would simply like to say “thank you.” Thank you for taking the time to support a young, jumbled mess of a person who is trying to conquer their fears and doubts. Even if you’ve viewed only one of my my blogs, it means the entire world to me.

It occurred to me that many people coming to this site may be expecting some type of organized, and maybe even informative articles. Obviously it’d be rather frustrating then to instead find borderline hysterical ramblings of a seemingly entitled youngster. And for that I am sorry. I want to assure you all that my blogs will be inconsistent and emotional. They are designed for several needs of mine. First, the need to relate to others so that they can hopefully find a place of comfort. Second, to put my mind back into writing. It was something I once excelled at, and have since lost a lot of ability and confidence in. My sentences are no longer grammatically correct, nor are they direct. Any sense of uniformity is nonexistent. Which leads me into another reason… to break through my fears. I am constantly terrified of what others may think of me. I use this fear to avoid any and all things I want to accomplish in my life. Forever stating how I am not good enough compared to others, nor am I unique, so even trying is a moot point. Why bother writing a blog? Why bother making art? Why bother writing a book? Why bother going to school? Why bother reaching out? Why bother? And that’s just… sad. It’s a sad way to live life.

Life… is why I am here. If you are able to endure the ramblings, and appreciate the occasional humor, please take a seat. Hopefully you will find a sense of comfort and acceptance, if anything, in these simple writings. Even a sense of validation for any little things you may be accomplishing in your own life. Hell, make yourself feel better by looking into the unhealthy inner workings of another human being. Just know that you’re appreciated, you’re awesome, and I will gladly lead you down the rabbit hole that is my mind if you simply take my hand.

Thank you.

Published by Alex

A bit of a jumbled mess, I am an aspiring social media influencer eager to share my many hobbies with the world.

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